I’m Connie, and this coffee from Verve in Santa Cruz is as glorious as it looks!

I’m Connie, and I’m a mom, educator, hobby-runner, and proud Bay Area native. Growing up in Silicon Valley meant that I have always had arguably too much screen-time, and was absolutely a contributor to the lovely bubble of emo xanga posts in the early 2000s.

As an adult, I’ve thought about starting a blog off and on for a long time. I’ve even half-assed a couple attempts in the past that never quite made it to publishing stage, and an abandoned tumblr here or there. My blogging dilemma was that while I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, I was never quite sure of what kind of content I really wanted to put out there to an audience.

Would I write about running? other hobbies? my struggles with work-life balance? my relationships? the fact that I can’t seem to successfully potty-train my almost 3-year old?¬†It’s hard to curate/carve a space when my social media identity is a whole hodgepodge of things.

With every major change in my life – getting married, having a child, a couple of cross-country moves, job changes – I have felt that increased niggling to put my thoughts out there, beyond the caption contest that can be my Instagram feed. Now, I’ve finally built to confidence to put my musings out there on the great world wide web. As such, I welcome you to look around, read around, and share as you will!

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