About Me

IMG_9148Hi! my name is Connie. I’m a mom, high school educator, hobby runner (more about that in a sec), and Bay Area native living now in the East Bay where I am considered a rare breed.

In my spare time – what little there is – I love cracking open a good book, sporadically immersing myself in arts and crafts projects, cooking, and inundating my toddler’s consciousness with a pro-dinosaur and pro-Star Wars outlook on life.

And of course, there’s the running. All the running. (Because I’ll be writing about running here more than pretty much anything else).

I’ve been mildly terrified and obsessed with the concept of distance running ever since I ran a timed mile for my 4th grade fitness test in 8:38, if I remember correctly, and discovered that I had run faster than most of the kids in my grade. In 5th grade, my mile was over a minute faster, and by the end of middle school, I was regularly running sub-7 minute timed miles in PE classes, and desperate for my parents to let me participate in school sports – namely cross country and track and field, though I flirted briefly with volleyball (but at 5’3″ and with a reputation for being a spaz, success and longevity in volleyball was never gonna happen). Sports participation didn’t happen until high school, and only because I snuck out of the house the summer before freshman year so often to run alone, that my parents finally caved out of fear for my safety. Running on a team meant that there was a accountability, safety in numbers, and most importantly to my parents, adult supervision.

And so, I have formally considered myself a runner since freshman year of high school, when I joined cross country. It was just as grimy, gritty, scary, and wonderful as I thought it would be. I decided in the middle of that first season that I would run the Boston Marathon by the time I was 25 (BQ-ed first at 24, but didn’t actually run it until 26. close enough), among other Big Scary Goals.  Fast forward 15 years and thousands of miles later, and I’m still lacing up and getting out to get my endorphin fix just about every day, and still seeking Big Scary Goals.

I currently run for the Oakland chapter of women’s running club Arete, and am a brand ambassador for Sarah Marie Design Studio and rabbit running apparel.


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